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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

If I could give you one pill...

I prescribed this one pill to be taken daily.

If you didn't take it daily, you would feel:

lethargic, mentally fatigued all day, physically weaker, elevate stress and anxiety levels. You would occasionally feel joint pain that would lead into potential neural issues like sciatic pain. Not taking this pill would increase your chance of chronic disease and will certainly influence your bone mineral density. Then, you may notice breathing became harder during simple tasks like walking up the stairs or that playing with your children become exhausting. 

Would you take it to relieve all these issues and better improve your life? 

Hell yes you would!!

I think you can see where I'm leading with this.

There is one magic 'pill' that exists and it's not in the form of a capsule you ingest. I'f you're to type into Google 'The positive effects of exercise', you will find that there are a huge number of benefits. All of which is accessible to everyone.

If I was to prescribe you 30 minutes of exercise a day (which is 2% of your day) that made you feel strong & energetic, would you do it?

Would you take it so that at the end of a long day at work, you could get home & play with you children pain free?

Would you take the prescribed 'pill' of 30 minutes to feel a sense of wellness if you're suffering from mental health.

Let's start looking at exercise as a way of personally improving & keeping you close to the things you love.

Here @ Connect Health & Fitness, we view physical activity & exercise as 'Connecting you to the things that matter most'. You don't have to love it to start but when you commit to it, you may find it becomes quite addicting.

#ExerciseIsMedicine #ExercisePrescription #HealthyLiving

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