0 to 100

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to change your lifestyle? You chuck on your old pair of runners that have been collecting dust and decide to set a new personal record after 'x' amount of years? Or maybe you've been paying for a membership at the gym that you completely forgot about, so you decided to use this new found energy and motivation to go 100 times in the first week back?


So, finding the motivation to kickstart a healthier, active lifestyle is GREAT, however! Jumping into an over active lifestyle of an hour a day, every day is a recipe for injury and you may find yourself regressing more than progressing. We typically don't noticed how unfit, over weight or how much our pain effects us until it's 'too late'. Start small & focus on your general 'wellness'. This could be measured by pain, exhaustion, fatigue the next day. Make alterations as you go.

  • If you're sick of a sedentary lifestyle & want to move, set asi